History of Transnational Armenian Terrorism in the Twentieth Century: Historical and criminological study / Oleg Kuznetsov [История транснационального армянского терроризма в ХХ столетии: На англ. яз.]. – Berlin:Verlag Dr. Köster, 2016. – 332 p.
ISBN 978-3-89574-915-5

In this monograph, the author explores the history of transnational Armenian terrorism, a unique criminological phenomenon of the twentieth century that is still relevant today, focusing in particular on its historical, legal, political scientific, and culturological aspects. He presents information summarized from more than fifty studies by Russian, American, Austrian, British, Israeli, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Armenian scientists on this topic, whereby putting previously classified archive sources that represent judicial evidence and operational documents of the American and Soviet intelligence services into scientific circulation for the first time. The monograph is furnished with illustrative material (documents) and references.

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